WIX links & videos to support your site

Resources to help you adjust, update and maintain your WIX website



Your WIX website is pretty easy to edit, but it does take some time to build up your skills.


Getting started is probably the most intimidating aspect of the process so please refer to this section to help you review tools and resources contained within your site + start acquiring the skills needed to make basic updates to your site content (images and text).

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10 Essential WIX Tutorials for Beginners


When searching for answers don't use the WIX support search feature...use Google instead!

Although the WIX knowledge base is quite extensive... you will get better/more accurate results if you use Google.  (Why? = Google is a much stronger search engine vs. the WIX search option).

*Be sure to include the name "WIX" in your search terms.

Search Example: "How to change images in WIX"