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Finding Your Website Groove

Regardless of the website platform you are using to create your stellar site, it's going to be a tough journey if you haven't found your groove.

Finding your groove is all about organizing your info...planning ahead and doing a little research to figure out what you like, what you want and if any of that will serve your purpose.

To get started use the prep list below to help you find your groove. It's not rocket science, but it does take a bit to get it all straight before you are ready to build and launch a really great website.

1. Purpose: Are you selling, educating, honoring, promoting, marketing or even buying?

2. Target Audience: Who want's what you're offering and who do you want to target?

3. What: What are you offering your audience (products, services, experiences, etc.)?

4. Preferences: Make a list of sites you like and why...design? content? purpose?

5. Resources: Where are you getting the content for your site (text, images, etc.)?

6. Skills: Have you logged in and explored the editor of your chosen platform?

7. Schedule: Are you setting realistic timelines for project prep, production and launch?

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