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Is this your first time using WIX to create a stellar website? If so we're going to walk you through the process, but first...let's talk about WIX.

WIX is awesome...yes it has it's flaws and no it's not for everyone, but all in all it's the best drag and drop platform around and it just keeps getting better.

Are we biased...yes, we have been feeding our family by building WIX websites for clients throughout the country for the past few years and we love every minute of it.

OK so let's get to the point...logging into WIX.

1. Start by opening your browser and heading over to WIX.com

2. Next...register for a new account by hitting the Sign Up button (if you already have an account skip to step #5)

3. Once on the Sign Up Screen enter your email address and password

4. Now you will be asked to choose how you want to build your site (AI or Manual)

5A. If you choose AI...you will be lead to a Q&A screen that will help WIX generate your new site. It's pretty cool, but not for everyone so if you want more control go Manual.

5B. If you choose the Manual option pick a template for your site and get rolling.

6. Now that your site is underway hit publish and you're good to go.

Best of luck. We think you're going to LOVE working in WIX!

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